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Vindhyachal to Kathmandu by Road

Vindhyachal, a hilly terrain and a pious spot among Hindus, is located in the Vindhya Range of Uttar Pradesh. Because of its religious important and scenic tourist spot, the place is well-connected to other regions, cities and states through good road and National Highway. This makes a visit to Vindhyachal from any corner of India, easy and hassle free. Not just within India, Vindhyachal has equally good road connectivity with its international friend, Kathmandu. Though the distance between the two cities is vast, tourists do not mind to go for a long drive across the cities to enjoy the natural beauty of both countries.

Here is a road guide of Vindhyachal to Kathmandu.

Kathamandu, capital of Nepal, is an international destination closest to Vindhyachal. Tourists on South Asia tour often visit Kathmandu after exploring the nooks and cranny of Uttar Pradesh. It is a long drive from Vindhyachal to Kathamandu, covering about 552 km. It takes approximately 10 hours to reach Kathmandu. Be prepared to shed around Rs 40,000 for fuel for the entire one way trip.

Vindhyachal to Kathmandu by road

  1. Begin journey to Kathmandu by heading southwest towards National Highway 76.
  2. After 0.2 km take the first left to keep moving on to National Highway 76.
  3. In about 4.1 km again take a left to fall to State Highway 5. As a landmark, you cross by Hindustan Petrol Pump that will be on your left side in 2.7 km.
  4. Keep driving on State Highway 5 for 70.3 km and then take right turn at Polytechnic Chauraha and head towards National Highway 56 or State Highway 36. You will cross Rilapp Technologies on your left.
  5. After 0.7 km take left from ICICI Bank ATM to keep moving on to State Highway 36 or State Highway 66A.
  6. Continue driving on State Highway 66A. Cross by Petrol Pump on your left in about 35.9 km.
  7. After 45.2 km take a slight left turn at Mohammadpur on fall on to National Highway 233 or State Highway 66A or State Highway 73.
  8. Keep moving on National Highway 233. Here you cross by Union Bank of India on the left.
  9. After 18.1 km keep moving through Gorakhpur Varanasi Marg. Pass Hindustan Petroleum pump on the right side in 400 m.
  10. On reaching 2.1 km, cross State Bnk City branch and continue moving onto Sikandarpur Road. As a landmark cross New Medicine Traders on the right side in 350 m.
  11. After 0.8 km take right turn at Umang - COCO Points - Azamgarh on be on State Highway 66. Here you go through one roundabout. Cross Anil Packers And Movers Pvt Ltd on the right hand.
  12. Keep moving till 41.8 km and again take left to stay on State Highway 66.
  13. On reaching 91 m take the first left to stay on to State Highway 66.
  14. In about 0.1 km again take left to National Highway 29. Cross Mukati path on the right side in 1.3 km.
  15. After 1.8 km take the first right to Kaparwar Ghat - Barahal Ganj Road. As landmark cross police sub chauki, Barahal Ganj in Gorakhpur taht will be on your left in 16.6 km.
  16. Drive 17.8 km and move through Major District Road 78E. Cross Jaiswal Communication House on the left side in 3.9 km.
  17. In 5.7 km, at Bhaluani, keep moving through Barahaj Salempur Road or State Highway 72.
  18. After travelling 20.2 km take right to stay on State Highway 72.
  19. In 0.3km take the first left turn to keep driving through State Highway 72.
  20. After 16.1 km again take left onto BR State Highway 47. Cross Shahi Rajlaxmi Petroleum on the left side in 13.3 km.
  21. On reaching 14.1 km take right to fall on Siwan - Mairwa - Guthani Road. Cross Agarwal Petrol Pump on the right side in 18.4 km.
  22. After 18.6 km keep moving through Rajendra Path. Cross Parisadan that will be on the left side.
  23. After crossing 0.8 km turn left from Radha Watch Shop onto Hospital Road or Siwan - Barharia - Sarfara Road. Cross Siwan Sadar Hospital on the left.
  24. On reaching 33.0 km take right to BR State Highway 53 or National Highway 28.
  25. After 39.3 km take left towards State Highway 54.
  26. Drive for 11.4 km and then turn right towards State Highwa 54.
  27. On reaching 13m turn left on continue moving through State Highway 54.
  28. After 31 m take a slight right turn towards Bagaha Dhala Road.
  29. After completing 16.0 km again take a left from Sugaon School towards Bagaha Dhala Road. Cross Laxmi Narayan Residential School on your left.
  30. In 0.5 km take the first right to Asian Highway 42 or National Highway 28A. Cross Petrol Pump on the right side in 20.0 km.
  31. In 32.6 km again take right towards Sirsiya Bridge or Asian Highway 42.
  32. Continue moving straight till the first left. And in 0.1 km take the first right towards Tribhuvan Highway or Highway 02.
  33. In 0.5 km again take right to keep moving on Tribhuvan Highway or Highway 02.
  34. In 0.2 km atke left to stay on the Highway.
  35. After 24.0 km move through Mahendra Rajmarga.
  36. On reaching 29.0 km at the roundabout, move through the 2nd exit to Tribhuvan Rajpath.
  37. Keeping moving straight through Kulekhani - Sisneri - Pharping Road.
  38. Take right in 1.8 km to stay on Kulekhani - Sisneri - Pharping Road.
  39. After crossing 27.6 km turn left to follow Kulekhani Phakhel Pharping Road.
  40. On reaching 2.8 km take sharp left to Kulekhani Road.
  41. After 0.3 km Kulekhani Road turns right and becomes F180.
  42. After reaching 26.7 km take left towards Thankot - Chitlang - Kulekhani Road or F180.
  43. After 0.3 km take the first right turn to Tribhuvan Rajpath.
  44. Then turn right to Ring Road.
  45. Again take a right to stay on to Ring Road.
  46. Then take left to drive through Park Lane.
  47. After 3.4 km take left toward Bagmati Bridge.
  48. Cross the Bridge and take left. After 0.5 km again take left from Bhakti Thapa Sadak.
  49. After 0.4 km take the 2nd right towards Rudramati Marg. And you reach your destination, Kathmandu.
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